Ironhouse Sanitary District Election 2020

Vote for three candidates. For more information, visit


Joe Kovalick

• Length of residence: 30 years

• Occupation: Risk consulting director

• Slogan: Flush the 29% rate increase and Go With Joe

• Reason for running: Kovalick aims to ensure affordable, safe and clean water while protecting the environment; demand that drinking water meets the highest safety standards available; stop the Delta Tunnels; end the spraying of toxic herbicides near canals and sources of drinking water; and continue and expand water conservation programs.


Angela Lowrey

• Length of residence: 9 years

• Occupation: Wastewater management professional

• Slogan: Good governance

• Reason for running: “I will bring new ideas and support better communications about how your money is being spent, specifically: Fiscal Oversight and Accountability; Regulatory Environmental Protection; Community Partnership; Good governance is not just a slogan to me. I hope to earn your vote and serve as your wastewater representative addressing challenges and securing opportunities over the next four years.”


Dawn Morrow

• Length of residence: 28 years

• Occupation: District representative, Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors

• Slogan: Proven leadership

• Reason for running: “My priorities as a Director are fiscal discipline, maintenance of infrastructure, biosolids disposal, and wastewater discharge policies. I will always advocate to protect ground water quality, expand the uses of recycled water, and protect the delta while working to keep the district financially sound.”


Doug Scheer

• Length of residence: 16 years

• Occupation: Businessman

• Slogan: None

• Reason for running: “I have been a large part of the positive changes that have taken place; improved employee morale, budgets that make sense, cost saving measures across the board, and ongoing improvements to every facet of the District.”


Peter Zirkle

• Length of residence: 40 years

• Occupation: Businessman

• Slogan: None

• Reason for running: “I am committed to continue the efficient, safe and dependable sanitation services the District provides at a reasonable cost for all customers. I will work to always keep open and transparent communications with customers and provide a timely response to any issues.”