Mendoza runs for Brentwood council


My name is Jovita Mendoza, and I am running for a seat on the Brentwood City Council. My family and I have called Brentwood home for 20 years. We simply love this town.

As an analytics manager focused on data-driven solutions, I’ve honed a skillset over a 20-year career that helps me evaluate council agendas. I actively participate in council meetings, providing feedback to members.

I’m running because our voices have been ignored by city council for too long; residents are disheartened with Brentwood’s leadership. Last year, the council’s shameful decision to rush Measure L to a special election was a tipping point for many. I examined the developers’ proposal, exposing the true project scope and shared that information with the community. My efforts helped us understand Measure L and defeat it, while others in this race were quiet or worse, active proponents.

In addition to their voting records, consider thousands of dollars in campaign contributions current and former councilmembers have accepted from developers over the years. Councilmembers continuously side with developers who finance their campaigns seemingly promoting their agendas over what’s best for Brentwood.

Recently, I’ve advocated against the installation of three oil and gas drills only 1,000 feet from Brentwood homes. I created a Facebook group of over 700 members resulting in a record number of public comments sent to the County Board of Supervisors. This mobilization drove the county to halt approval of the developer’s permit and initiated a full Environmental Impact Report.

Absent of special interest, a proven track record of advocating for residents, sharing information through social media, I’ll now work with city staff to expand that communication. I’d like to be your councilperson to keep our families healthy, control growth, improve safety and bring jobs to Brentwood. Learn more at

– Submitted by Jovita Mendoza