Health Hut

After 41 years of owning Brentwood’s Health Hut, Barbara Guise, left, has sold the business to Carrie DeGrandmont.

Barbara Guise has been the owner of Brentwood’s Health Hut since 1978, but after more than 40 years, the local business icon is calling it a day. 

Guise, 91, sold the business to Carrie DeGrandmont, an integrative nutrition health coach with Wise Choices Health Coaching – but she said she is only “semi-retired,” staying on as a consultant. 

“It’s hard to give up something you’ve done for years,” she said.

Guise became interested in the business after her daughter-in-law – who had an illness marked by constant fatigue – found relief in some of its products.

“It really helped her, and that’s what got me involved,” Guise said. “We’re trying to help people like I helped my daughter-in-law.”

Some of the Health Hut’s most popular products include local honey, bee pollen, CBD gummies and oils, vitamins, probiotics and homeopathic remedies, and DeGrandmont hopes to expand its inventory. She also plans to set up a website with an online store and revamp the Health Hut’s Facebook page,

In the future, she also wants to organize home delivery to local seniors, as she understands they may have challenges getting to the store regularly.

DeGrandmont will continue her health coaching, which she said complements the Health Hut’s mission well. Her approach helps a person to find balance with food and their lifestyle. She starts with a one-on-one consultation to ensure they are a good fit, then she and the client go on shopping trips – often to Sprouts or Whole Foods – and discuss how to read food and nutrition labels and recommendations for basic recipes.

However, her focus is not on diets or weight loss, but on learning about ingredients and ensuring clients are providing their bodies with good nutrients. Some of her clients have reported sleeping better and reduced stress levels.

“I love what I do,” DeGrandmont said. “I’m super passionate about it – I live it.”

DeGrandmont admires Guise’s dedication and expertise and looks forward to working alongside her. 

“I’m grateful Barbara picked me to carry on her legacy,” she said. “I want to absorb and amplify what she’s done for so long.”

For her part, Guise is looking forward to the next Health Hut generation.

“I like her because she’s a go-getter,” Guise said. “We need somebody to get this place going even better than it has been.”

The Health Hut is located at 161 Chestnut St. in downtown Brentwood and is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, call 925-634-5361.