Meet the Principal: Kirsten Jobb

For the past 12 years, Kirsten Jobb has been leading Edna Hill Middle School to success. As principal, she takes a holistic approach to education, catering not only to her students’ educational needs, but their emotional needs as well. Originally a counselor at Ron Nunn Elementary, Jobb did not expect to end up in the principal’s office.

“I was very happy to be a school counselor,” said Jobb. “Then I moved into being a vice principal at Ron Nunn School, and then I had no intention of being a principal. It just happened organically.”

Jobb joined Edna Hill’s ranks as vice principal in 2006. When the principal position opened up the following year, she was asked to step in as interim principal. After a few months, the board selected her for the position permanently, and she accepted the job in 2008.

During her time in leadership, Edna Hill has grown from 750 students to over 1,000. Jobb said she and her staff are on a continuous journey to improve their school, and have recently been designated a “school to watch” for the fifth time.

“It’s a highlight for our school, because it’s not something you get once and then you keep it,” Jobb explained. “You have to keep working toward it. Our entire staff, our students, our families all keep working toward that designation, because it means you want to keep getting better.”

Jobb further noted that the school has managed to keep its same key systems and core values in place throughout its growth, while still shifting for each new group of students that comes in.

“Middle school is a very interesting time,” Jobb said with a smile. “You need to make those shifts based on the students you have at the time, to make sure you are supporting each student group that comes through.”

Jobb lives in Brentwood, where she raised two children who went through local schools, then onto college. She said she loves running into her students all over town.