The largest Satanic gathering of the century was recently held at a Marriott hotel in downtown Boston. In a candle-lit room, attendees were welcomed to the Little Black Chapel, and there stood an altar above a white pentagram. The ritual that was performed was an unbaptism, where Satanists aim to reverse religious rites undertaken as children. Those participating in the Satanic ritual wore dark floor-length, hooded cloaks and black face masks. Their hands were bound with rope and then freed to represent liberation. Pages were also torn from the Holy Bible to represent the rejection of Christian baptism, and all ages were in attendance. Presentations were given, including one entitled “Hellbillies: Visible Satanism in Rural America”, and one on Satanic self-pleasure. "As a gay child, being told you are an abomination and should be destroyed, warped a lot of my thinking. Finding The Satanic Temple has really helped me embrace logic and empathy", Anonymous. The Satanic Temple follows The Seven Tenets, which focuses on empathy, control over your body, and respect for other people’s freedom. Satanism is recognized as an official religion by the US government and has congregations in America, Europe and Australia. Satanists don’t actually believe in Lucifer or Hell. They use Satan as a metaphor for questioning the role of authority and science.

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