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Oakley City Council approved a tentative map and design review Tuesday, Sept. 10, for a new residential subdivision to bring 63 new homes to Oakley Road.

The site, located at 2371 Oakley Road near Live Oak Avenue and Orchard Park School, is currently a vineyard and will be named The Vines at Oakley. The homes will be single-family residential lots.

The project also includes over 80 oak trees proposed to be planted; some existing vines being relocated to the frontage of the project; and potential side yard access for RV and boats planned on 14 lots.

Neighbor Keith Hurney, who owns two properties that border the area, expressed traffic and density concerns with the project.

“With the school traffic there, it’s pretty much gridlock,” Hurney said. “Putting 63 homes in that small of an area is not going to be conducive to the traffic; it’s going to make it worse. The infrastructure doesn’t meet the demand for these houses.”

The council discussed the traffic from Orchard Park School and Live Oak Avenue and adding a traffic light or additional lanes to accommodate the new houses, but they have not heard from a traffic engineer at this point.

“It would help to know how (a turning lane) would affect the area,” said Mayor Claire Alaura.

Another neighbor, who said he has lived in the area for more than 25 years, said he worries about his community changing, but he is amenable. He notes the developer, MLC Holdings, has been in contact with him and tried to accommodate his concerns.

Monica Hurney and MLC Holdings’ representative, Kevin Freyer, worked collaboratively during the meeting to address one of her concerns. She asked Freyer if two of the plots could be swapped, providing a more favorable view for her family, and he agreed.

Councilmember Randy Pope commended the applicant for working with the site’s neighbors to address their concerns with the project, acknowledging that the impact is long-lasting and it is appropriate to consider how it will affect them.