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More than 200 homes long planned near Rose Avenue could soon be built.

City leaders recently approved three additional Stonewood Subdivision segments — totaling 241 one- and two-story homes — west of Rose Avenue, south of Longhorn Way and north of Carpenter Road.

The Oakley Planning Commission approved the project maps in 2006 and 2007, leaving the current Oakley City Council to only mull over home, landscaping, fencing and wall designs. No design amendments were made.

“The only thing left to do before building houses can start is a design review,” said Oakley Mayor Kevin Romick. “When completed the project will provide access to O’Hara from Main Street at a traffic lighted intersection at Carpenter and O’Hara improving traffic flow and safety.”

Applicant Albert D. Seeno Construction Co. intends to construct 70 one-story and 171 two-story homes, ranging between 2,100 and 3,272 livable square feet and featuring four to five bedrooms; three to four bathrooms and two- to three-space garages.

No definitive timetable for development has been set, but activity could pick up as soon as 2021, said Oakley Community Development Director Joshua McMurray.

“We are very excited about the design review approval we just received from the city of Oakley,” said company representative Louis Parsons. “We appreciate all the hard work by city staff, and we have some wonderful home designs. We are planning on finishing the land improvements soon and will have the grand opening for this community sometime next summer.”

The wide swath of project land has been designated for single-family residential establishment in the city’s General Plan since 2002 and prior to that in county planning documents.

The developer will fund a variety of associated infrastructure improvements as part of the project, including roads, sidewalks and water and sewer connections, but it will not enter a fire community facilities district (CFD) that would collect annual homeowner fees to help fund certain fire protection costs.

In recent years, the city has implemented a new mandate that requires newly entitled projects to be in the fire CFD. Since this project was entitled before that mandate, however, it is excluded from that requirement.

The Stonewood subdivision also includes 31 other previously planned homes — 10 of which have been built — near Simoli Ranch Road and Little Ranch Circle.

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