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Apartment residents in the City of Oakley will soon be limited to where they can light up around their buildings.

Following a flurry of complaints from occupants about second -hand smoke late last year, the city council passed an ordinance during its meeting last week regulating smoking at apartment complexes.

Under the ordinance, which applies to apartment complexes with two or more units, smoking would be prohibited in all common areas, on outdoor patios and within 20 feet of all doors, windows and air duct/ventilation systems. Smoking and non-smoking units will also have to be designated. The ordinance also mandates that all future apartment complexes built in the city be completely smoke free.  


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Mr Galstan didn't even mention the most insidious chemical in electronic cigarettes. I'm surprised that he didn't mention it. Dihydrogen Monoxide. This substance is so toxic that it can even dissolve rock, no surprise that every living being coming into contact with it dies.

Yet again another instance of ignorant, misinformed, uneducated politicians enacting law

Vaper Villa

To the amazingly uninformed council member that made this Comment that flies in the face of real science, "There are some carcinogens and toxic chemicals that are actually released by the electronic cigarettes, some of which are the same chemicals you find in automobile anti-freeze,” said the city’s special counsel William Galstan". You could not possibly be more wrong if you tried, sir. There are many, many, studies that have been done that concur that their are no such chemicals in electronic cigarettes. Those are in cigarettes ONLY! And the tired antifreeze argument about that being in e-cigs, also blatantly wrong. Wrong in the manner you suggested. The ingredient is Propylene Glycol, added to make antifreeze less toxic in case it's ingested by human's or animals, not the active ingredient. It is also found in many medicines. Please get the real facts before participating in making any more bad and uninformed law.

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