ODAT honors

Photo courtesy of Bryan Patrick

LCF Contra Costa Grantee's, September 12, 2019.

The Contra Costa Latino Giving Circle, part of the Latino Community Foundation’s (LCF) Latino Giving Circle Network — the largest network of Latino philanthropists in the nation — launched Hispanic Heritage Month by awarding $15,000 in grants to Latino-led nonprofits in the county.

These grassroots nonprofit organizations operating across Contra Costa County are working to unleash the power of Latinos by supporting the development of youth leaders, promoting civic engagement and enhancing the wellbeing of the community. They are:

• Future Leaders of America, East Bay 

• Liga Latina de Concord 

• One Day at A Time (ODAT)

In 2018, Latino leaders from across the county joined forces to launch the Contra Costa Latino Giving Circle. United by a vision to transform the county into a vibrant place for Latino families and youth to thrive, the 17-member Latino Giving Circle came together to invest in grassroots Latino-led nonprofits. Each member contributes at least $1,000 towards a pooled fund to be awarded annually through participatory grantmaking. It is considered among the group as “Philatinohropy.”

The Contra Costa Latino Giving Circle is part of the largest movement of Latino philanthropists in the country, made up of 460+ members in 22 circles in California, from Sacramento to San Diego. The Latino Giving Circle Network has awarded over $1.1 million in grants to Latino-led nonprofits statewide.

“Less than 1.1% of philanthropic dollars are invested in Latino-led nonprofits in the country, making Giving Circles critical to achieving real progress for the state's 15 million Latinos,” said LCF Vice President Masha Chernyak.

The Latino Community Foundation has the largest network of Latino philanthropists in the country and has invested millions of dollars to improve the livelihood of Latino families.