Several new businesses are preparing to open on Brentwood Boulevard as part of the city’s Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan, a comprehensive long-term plan to revitalize and improve the area. It is one of several similar renovation plans across the city spurred by continued population growth.

The plan spans roughly 310 acres, the city’s website says, and encompasses the stretch of Brentwood Boulevard between Delta Road on the north and Second Street to the south, with plans to develop businesses on both sides of the street. Four businesses -- Starbucks, Denny’s, Panda Express and Chipotle -- previously had their designs submitted and approved at an Aug. 17 Planning Commission meeting, according to City Manager Tim Ogden. All locations, with the exception of Denny’s, will feature drive-through options. The four businesses will be located at 7480 Brentwood Boulevard.

“The city has experienced significant population growth since the mid 1990’s and is projected to grow further into the next decade and beyond as the Bay Area expands its job centers,” according to the city’s website. “Much has changed both locally and regionally since the Downtown Brentwood and Brentwood Boulevard specific plans were first adopted in 2005 and 2012, respectively, and though more recent amendments have aimed to address more current context, a comprehensive update is needed to bring these plans to their full potential.”

The Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan is not the only initiative to help revitalize the city and create a cohesive feel. The Downtown Specific Plan is another revitalization effort from the city in order to keep the downtown area the heart of Brentwood as the city continues to go through an intense period of growth, according to the plan documents on the city website.

“The Downtown Specific Plan is established to coordinate public and private investment in the City’s Downtown District to fulfill the community’s intention for the Downtown to remain the heart of the Brentwood community as the city goes through a period of explosive growth and change,” according to the city’s website. “It is both a policy document and an implementation tool, in that it contains both a strategy to manage growth and a regulatory policy to guide and govern future development within the Plan area.”

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