Susannah Meyer runs for Brentwood City Council

Photo courtesy of Susannah Meyer

District Representative Susannah Meyer recently announced her bid for Brentwood City Council's District 3 seat.

Susannah Meyer, a senior services advocate, district representative, wife and mother, announced her run for Brentwood City Council, District 3.

“I have taken great pride in being a Brentwood resident and serving the community in my professional career,” she said. “I look forward to using my experience to support decisions that make sense to its people.”

As a city councilmember, Susannah’s priorities will include:

  • Building stronger community partnerships with nonprofits and elected leaders to bring additional senior and youth services to the city;
  • Working to ensure local small businesses have every opportunity to succeed while working through the financial impacts of COVID-19;
  • Promoting open and productive communications to help improve public safety for residents.

Meyer worked for several nonprofits over the years, which she said helped shape her perspective of support services available to Brentwood’s vulnerable populations.

“East Contra Costa County has been left out of much of the conversation around social service support,” Meyer stated. “I will work with our council and regional leaders to right that wrong and to bring more funding and services to Brentwood.”

Meyer is currently working as a district representative for the California State Senate, giving her an understanding of both local and state issues and how they impact city level discussions.

“One of the most important things community members need from their elected officials is open conversation,” said Meyer. “City council members are elected to serve, but making decisions without community feedback makes little sense. I believe it's the council's responsibility to encourage this critical feedback.”

Meyer realizes while the council serves the entire city, there are a variety of significant issues that are specific to District 3, and strong leadership will be needed to address them. She said she is open to challenging discussions about open space, potential rezoning, development and other topics.

“I look forward to being part of these serious discussions. I’m an advocate at heart, and I want to do what is best for the people in the community I love,” said Meyer.

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