Town parks, landscape manager leaving

Photo by Dawnmarie Fehr

Brian Miller, Discovery Bay’s parks and landscaping manager, will be leaving his job in September after four years with the town.

Brian Miller, who spent the last four years managing parks and landscaping for the town of Discovery Bay, will be leaving his position in September.

Due to family ties, Miller will be relocating to Groveland, where he hopes to spend more time having fun and less time working.

“I’ve enjoyed living on the lake here in town,” said Miller, who had been a Willow Lake resident for five years. “It’s nice on the water.”

Miller was hired by the Town of Discovery Bay Community Services District (CSD) as parks and landscape manager in June 2015. During his tenure, he has worked with three general managers and seen several CSD members come and go. He completed multiple projects, including a new roof on the community center, consolidating the landscaping storage and offices from four locations to one, and adding picnic tables, shade structures, benches and drinking fountains to the town’s parks.

Miller admitted that his job has been a challenge: With five different lighting and landscaping zones to manage — each with their own budget — getting work done is anything but simple.

“You can’t mix money in the different zones ... and once you run out of money, you stop working, and that can be difficult,” Miller said.

His hard work has not gone unnoticed. Discovery Bay General Manager Mike Davies said Miller was able to operate in his multifaceted position with skill.

“For the last four years, Brian has managed all the town’s landscaping, parks, playgrounds, lighting, dog parks, aquatics, tennis courts and community center,” Davies said in an email to The Press. “He has had to wear a variety of hats and be a master of all trades. His talents won’t be easy to replace.”

Miller’s last day will be Friday, Sept. 13. His wife, who retired after 20 years with the Antioch Unified School District, has already packed up their house and moved to Groveland. Miller said he looks forward to joining her.

Bill Mayer, CSD board president, echoed the sentiments of the town’s staff.

“We wish Brian the very best in his future endeavors and extend our deepest thanks and appreciation for all he has done for the town over the past four years,” Mayer said.