Town welcomes new finance manager - Julie Carter

The Town of Discovery Bay has filled its finance manager post with a local hire.

Julie Carter moved into the position vacated by Dina Breitstein, who was promoted to assistant general manager in July. At the regular Community Services District (CSD) meeting in June, the board voted unanimously to authorize General Manager Mike Davies to contract with headhunting firm CPS HR Consulting — not to exceed $25,000 — to recruit a new finance manager. They found one right in Discovery Bay’s backyard.

“I have lived in Brentwood for almost 32 years,” Carter said. “And I really enjoy driving the 9.5 miles from Brentwood to the district office. It is a joy. I’ve done a little shy of 32 years of commuting over Vasco, so it will be nice.”

Carter’s youngest son went through Discovery Bay schools, so she’s familiar with the area. She said when she heard about the position, she was very excited. Her background in accounting is bolstered by experience in financial planning and analysis.

“I spent years running accounting departments, then I moved to financial planning and analysis, and this job is both,” Carter said. “An accounting position tells you where you’ve been, and the financial planning and analysis position tells you where you’re going, and I like to see both sides of the story.”

Carter joined the town’s staff in October and already has a good feel for what her position will entail. She said she has no big plans for her department, but looks forward to working on projects with her fellow staff members and the board, within the constraints of the town’s fiscal limitations. Carter’s salary with the town will be $95,000.

Davies feels Carter’s experience in private-sector finance and her familiarity with the area will be key components in her ability to provide leadership for the district.

“We are very pleased to have Julie as our new finance manager,” Davies said in an email to The Press. “Competition for the position was tough, but Julie was the candidate we considered to be the best fit for our community. Many difficult projects are underway with more to come, and I believe Julie is the right finance expert to take these on.”

Carter prides herself on her ability to work with many different types of people. She has experience working on projects that include mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations, and has successfully cultivated the various synergies associated with those ventures.

During her free time, Carter enjoys pursuing her hobbies. She said her biggest passion is working with youth through 4-H.

“I was a member as a child, and signed up my kids 20 years ago and have been involved since,” she said of the club. “I love to work with the kids. I’m currently the treasurer for the Contra Costa County 4-H council. My son is still a member.”

As she gets to know her new position, Carter looks forward to meeting new challenges and getting to know town residents.

“I’m really excited about the new position,” she said with a smile. “Feel free if you see me to say, ‘hi.’”