Oakley Crash

A Nissan SUV sustained serious damage Thursday on Main Street in Oakley, after it rear-ended a landscaping truck towing a trailer, according to Oakley police.

OAKLEY Oakley police officers responding to reports of a traffic accident did not have far to commute as the three-vehicle collision happened in front of the police station at 3231 Main Street around noon on Thursday, bringing traffic in the city’s downtown area to a crawl.

Early reports from officers on the scene said that a grey Nissan Rogue Sport traveling eastbound had been spotted by eyewitnesses colliding with the curb multiple times before striking the back of a vehicle belonging to Monitcello Tree Services.

The Nissan reportedly struck the trailer being towed by the tree service’s white Chevy pickup, causing the truck and trailer to jackknife from the impact of the blow, with the trailer coming to rest partway on the curb. For its part, the Nissan was seemingly totaled, with the front bumper ripped away, all airbags deployed, and the front hubcaps resting in a nearby bush.

It is unknown whether anyone had sustained injuries in the collision. Paramedics were seen driving away from the incident and the parties in the Nissan were not present. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.