Over the past several weeks we have written about taking your local newspaper to a subscription model for home delivery or unlimited digital access. We want to provide you with the reading experience that best suits your lifestyle.

We are also asking for your participation in saving resources, and as a certified green business, we welcome your partnership in reducing our overall carbon footprint. We proudly display our Bay Area Green Business window decal on the front door of our office. We are in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and have successfully implemented green measures from the Green Business checklist at 248 Oak St. Green Business practices include:

•Water conservation

•Energy conservation

•Solid waste reduction and recycling

•Pollution prevention

•Carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions) reduction

So partner with us and let us know how you want your news delivered. We have options: print only, digital only or print and digital. If you would like the paper delivered to your home every week, sign up for print only. It’s $20 a year – less than 39 cents a week. There is also a digital-only option for $20 a year. And we offer a bundled package for $30 a year, where you can have the paper delivered to your home each week and enjoy unlimited digital access to our daily news, breaking news, slideshows, videos and all of our local stories online 24/7. All of these choices can be found on our website at www.thepress.net/subscribe.

Additionally, you can sign up at www.thepress.net/signup for the free digital newspaper, The ePress, and have it delivered right to your inbox on Thursday afternoon to read on our page-turner software.

You can call 925-634-1441 or stop by The Press at 248 Oak St., in Brentwood, for help and additional information. 

As we say at The Press, “We are a weekly newspaper with a daily news site.” Whichever subscription you choose to keep up with your local news you are helping to conserve resources, which is ultimately better for our planet!

Sandie McNulty

Brentwood Press & Publishing Controller