Community journalism … What does it mean and what does it take to produce it in this technological world where anyone who has a smart phone and an opinion can become someone reporting the news?

The Press is not just comprised of writers; they are journalists. They are educated professionals who have been trained to be fair, concise, thorough and balanced in their reporting. They have a specialized skill set exclusive to the trade and reflected in the many awards they have won.

But once the stories have been written, you need a production department to put it all together, to build the pages, position headlines and package it up in a visually inviting way.

Another leg on the stool is the sales department whose job it is to remind the business owners about why it’s important that they put their message in the community newspaper, so that all the readers know about them and their services as well as to support community journalism. The advertisers allow us to do what we do.

Lastly, we cannot forget about the support staff employees, who are in the background, helping all the other departments and assisting our customers who are both the business owners and YOU, the readers.

So with all that being said and understanding that many of the businesses now have a variety of options to market themselves and are now re-directing more of their marketing funds away from print, that’s where you come in. The time has come when we need you to support this endeavor to help cover some of the costs of printing and delivering the paper to your home.

Now we need you to stand up and let us know that you appreciate the printed paper and that it’s important that you get yours delivered to your home every week. As of July 10, we will only deliver papers to readers who sign up for home delivery of the newspaper.

Papers will continue to be free in the 75-plus racks and drop-off locations around town. You can also read the free digital version online in its entirety with more photos and videos at

We hope you enjoy reading the local community news. Now let us know how you want it delivered!

Sign up by July 6 to keep the paper coming to your home. See the sign-up form on page 2. Thank you for supporting community journalism and helping to keep the community informed of the local news in your hometown. And a BIGGER THANK-YOU to the many who have already signed up or have become a Press donor/supporter!

If you have any questions or need some sort of financial assistance to keep the paper coming to your home, let me know. I can be reached at 925-634-1441. Or you’re welcome to email me at

Thank you again for your continued support. Keep reading and stay safe and healthy.

Gregory Robinson