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This week, Battalion Chief Ross Macumber visits the show to talk with Melissa van Ruiten about fire season, being a firefighter, fire safety tips, and more!

00:00:00 – Intro

00:00:48 – About Ross

00:06:15 – What is a battalion chief?

00:08:38 – Discussing firefighter training

00:15:29 – 2021 call volume

00:21:47 – Discussing recruitment

00:25:28 – 2022 call volumes compared to 2021

00:30:13 – 2022 fire predictions

00:36:20 – Fire safety tips for property owners

00:39:02 – Evacuation tips

00:42:43 – What to put in your go bag

00:43:22 – Evacuating elderly and differently abled persons

00:47:20 – Wildfire safety during hiking

00:56:56 – ECCFPD Annexation

01:04:10 – Language barriers

01:06:40 – Pros and cons of the district annexation

01:19:42 – Challenges of merging districts

01:23:09 – Ross’ vocal chord injury

01:27:14 – General fire safety tips

01:36:22 – Most absurd and unusual calls in Ross’ career

01:45:25 – Conclusion

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Episode originally aired on March 29, 2022


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