Editor: The new Republican House majority is a collection of election deniers, QAnon conspiracists, and political arsonists hellbent on gaining power at the expense of our democracy. They’ll be in control of the House of Representatives for the next two years and have already shown an inability to govern. They couldn’t even elect House Speaker Kevin McCarthy without historic chaos.

We should all be concerned about their far-right extremist agenda. Already on the chopping block? Our freedom to vote and our right to an abortion.

Rather than focusing on kitchen table issues, these MAGA extremists are pledging to focus on punishing anyone who tried to hold them accountable for their attacks on our democracy, including members and staff of the January 6th Select Committee.



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Its sad that so many people have been fooled by Left-wing Propaganda pushed by Google, Facebook and every major newspaper in California. I shouldn't be surprised as California Voters Re-Elected Gavin Newsom. The worst Governor in Californias History and the only governor to have a major population decline in the states history.

People have been fooled into believing that consensus is a democratic value. When discussion, and the push & pull of competing ideas is part of the democratic process. The house Republicans pushed for reforms in the house they thought were important. Those reforms give house members more input in bills and allow more members to have a say in legislation. Each member of Congress represents a district in their state. The way Pelosi had it set up, only she and a select few had input into bills brought to the floor and members were expected to vote up or down with only a few hours to read bills of 4,000 pages in length. The house freedom caucus wanted to stop Pelosis' steamroller rule. I'm glad they pushed for those reforms, and I hope it has ushered in a return to republic representation where The People are allowed a chance to have their voices heard through their representative. Something we don't have here in California with Dem Super Majorities. Every bad idea is allowed to be crammed down upon the people. It's no wonder over a half a million have left the state, they have no chance to be heard.

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