The Brentwood Neighborhood Coalition needs your help in our common-sense opposition to a general plan amendment and land rezone request by SoCal-based SunCoast Properties.  

Their request to combine Deer Ridge and Shadow Lakes (DR/SL) golf courses and use their property to construct 560 high-density active, assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing units two to three stories high is blatantly incompatible with our western Brentwood community as well as in direct contradiction to our 2014 general plan vision, goals and priorities. Their request to repurpose their property at the expense of DR/SL residents, degrade our property values, snarl traffic in the area of no less than three schools – Krey, Adams and Heritage – and further strain city services is irresponsible to say the least; they seek to make millions for their company. 

This move seems calculated and callous and mirrors their failed attempt to rezone their other golf course, San Juan Hills Golf Club. Furthermore, deferred maintenance and rehabilitation estimated as high as $750,000 stopped a potential buyer from submitting a (letter of intent) to Paradigm Golf. SunCoast continues to find money for glossy mailers, fund their (Environmental Impact Review), hold free golf events and barbeques, buy an impacted Shadow Lakes home for $30,000 over asking price in cash and offer to buy out another “off the record” in turn for them withdrawing plan opposition. But their own literature states they need this rezone because they (1) have $400,000 in delinquent taxes and (2) are “out of money” and “allocating (their) scarce resources and stretching them as best (they) can.” 

Our DR and SL residents deserve respect, property value protection and the right to enjoy their property as originally purchased. In some cases, they bought at a premium cost for golf course views and open space adjacency. Proponents claim the land will “go to seed” and look unsightly if not rezoned. Do you consider Round Valley Regional Park or land in its natural state to be unsightly? I do not. Can you imagine trucks and ambulances coming and going 24/7; more traffic on Balfour, Deer Valley, Vasco and the bypass; construction for 5 or more years; then being left with a three-story operating business 50 yards from your backdoor instead of the golf course and open space you were promised?  

Senior housing is often first presented in a project for attractiveness, then switched to plain high-density housing – Antioch’s Aviano Project is an example. Development in Brentwood as well as our surrounding cities affects all of us. Inappropriate development remains reckless, strains city services, devalues property and erodes the quality of life we strive so hard to maintain and improve. General plan amendments must ensure consistency with the conditions, values, expectations and needs of its residents. 

This rezone should not be approved, period. Please consider visiting the website to find information and links to the facts and statements made here, signing our petition (at 1,226) and donating to our opposition coalition. Thanks. 

Kathy Griffin