Editor: First, let me thank Carole Main for allowing this Trump supporter a chance to present President Trump successes, the same successes that have been omitted by the media and ignored by those whom are suffering from Trump derangement syndrome.

Here are just a few of many.

On Jerusalem, Donald Trump ended a quarter century of lies by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Although Obama and Bush promised the same, they never delivered.

Corporate tax cuts to 21 percent putting us on the same playing field as our Canadian and European competitors.

Roll back of regulations has spurred business confidence to the highest level in years, and the lowest unemployment levels since the late 1960s, especially for African Americans and Latinos.

The destruction of ISIS was a great military achievement under President Trump; so much so, that even the New York Times said it was the most under reported story of the year. Trump gave the military total freedom to wipe ISIS out and they did.

Trump signed a criminal justice reform bill with the outcome hailed by both conservative and liberal advocacy groups. The law boosts prisoner rehabilitation and allows 2,600 federal prisoners sentenced to crack cocaine offenses to petition for reduced prison time. So much for Trump being a racist.

Under the Trump watch, USA has become the dominant energy player. And yes, USA coal regarded as the highest quality (less sulfur) in the world today is essential to maintaining the dominant position. With 1,600 coal plants coming on line or under construction in 62 countries, we need these countries to use our low-cost, high quality coal, along with our clean technology. Destroying the USA coal market (a liberal fantasy) will only mean more and more lower quality coal will be used causing even greater pollution. Even Japan is building 60 plus coal plants despite its low birth rate.

620 miles were granted Wild and Scenic River status under Trump, more than at any time in the last decade. In addition, Trump’s signature on March 12 also created a steelhead sanctuary on a tributary of the North Umpqua, and banned mining near the headwaters of the Yellowstone River. And we now excitedly wait for his signature granting 200 million$ to help rehabilitate the Florida everglades.

“Trump doesn’t bother me, does your conscience bother you?”

Tony Morgan

Mill Valley