Editor: In the Oct. 21 edition of the Brentwood Press Opinion page, Bernadette Buchanan failed to counter how Joe Trebino previously wrote about the Republican party regularly voting “no” to hurt Americans. The best she could do was “Whatabout’isms” that had nothing to do with the facts Trebino presented.

Again, when Americans are suffering, and there are proposals to help them, the Republican party will vote against them: More baby formula, more good jobs, cheaper insulin, voting rights, women’s rights, cheaper gas prices, veterans’ cancer care and fighting domestic terrorism – and there’s no credible way to counter that fact.

By voting against them, the Republicans show that they want less baby formula, fewer good jobs, and more expensive insulin. They want to prevent Blacks and Hispanics from voting. They want to force a 10-year-old girl who was raped to give birth. Republicans want higher gas prices and higher inflation for America. They want veterans to die of cancer. And they want more domestic terrorism. If not, then they would’ve voted FOR them.


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