Editor: 4-H provides incredible experiences for young people. It is a youth-run club that offers leadership opportunities and officer roles, such as president, vice president, reporter, historian, treasurer and secretary. 4-H also provides youth with the responsibility of raising all kinds of farm animals, showing these animals and auctioning them off at the fair if they want to.

There are also lots of non-animal activities. These activities include ones like geology, Lego engineering and shooting sports. 4-H also offers the opportunity to learn about gun safety. For example, you are taught to wear safety glasses and earplugs while shooting a gun, as well as all the parts of a gun and how to use it. We also learn and talk about the appropriate uses for a gun — they are not toys. In addition, 4-H also does a lot of community service such as the Marsh Creek Cleanup and helping out at the Spirited Sanctuary.

During the National 4-H Week this year, Oct. 6-12, my 4-H club did the following activities in our community:

Day 1: We had a picnic and did rock painting at the lake for fun and

community building.

Day 2: We did random acts of kindness — we rounded up some goats and put them in my neighbor’s round pen.

Day 3: We made a proclamation to the Board of Supervisors telling them some things about ourselves in 4-H.

Day 4: We worked at the Spirited Sanctuary cleaning and filling up water

bins, cleaned nesting boxes and collected eggs.

Day 5: We made cookies for the Brentwood Police Department to show

appreciation for what they do.

Day 6: We collected donations for 4-H at Tractor Supply. Those who

donated money wrote their donation amount and name on a

paper clover, and we hung them up in the store on the cash register

wall or window.

Day 7: A small group of us walked for suicide prevention and awareness and had a BBQ at my neighbor’s house.

I’ve been in 4-H for seven years and have had many wonderful experiences with and without animals. It’s been a lot of fun and rewarding. 4-H has also taught me how to be responsible. I can’t imagine my life without it.

Brodie Emmons