Editor: The Trump boosters’ letters as to why they continue to support him show the usual casual relationship with truth and logic that often causes difficulty in these discussions.

For example, one letter writer noted: “Under the Trump watch, the USA has become the dominant energy player,” and, “the destruction of ISIS was a great military achievement under President Trump…”  implying (incorrectly) that Trump was solely responsible for these events.

U.S. energy dominance is the result of disparate factors, all in place before Trump took office. U.S. oil production doubled from 2008 to 2014 when active rig counts peaked that December. At that time, the Russian-OPEC cartel tried to bankrupt the burgeoning shale industry in the U.S. by artificially depressing prices. That effort failed in 2016 and total production then exploded into our present dominance. 

As for ISIS, let us recall Mr. Trump noting in 2015 and 2016, “I know more than the generals about ISIS…” and “We’re going to defeat ISIS very, very quickly…” 

Upon election, instead of implementing a “plan,” Trump asked the military to submit a proposal for action. The general’s opinion? Give the military the freedom to operate with less oversight from Washington. In short: Trump, keep out of the way.

About 70% of the munitions expended during the multinational effort to militarily defeat ISIS were deployed in the three years before Trump took office. It then took two more years for the military defeat to be complete. So much for “very quickly.”

Giving Trump sole credit for these events is not logically sound and akin to crediting the victory over Japan in September 1945 to Harry Truman, who became president in April of that same year.

More important are the reasons for opposing Trump. His dishonesty and criminality are obvious to anyone who wishes to use critical analysis. He is an unindicted co-conspirator (his fellow conspirator is in jail), and the highly-thought-of independent counsel has stated his report did not exonerate Trump, who he felt could be charged with numerous felony counts of obstruction of justice were he not president. These are just the tip of the dirty “iceberg” of his illegal activities.

Additionally, he has taken the presidency to new lows with his outrageous behavior, incompetence, adolescent bullying and dangerous pandering to Putin and other dictators.

Stopping his continued destruction of our democracy must be every patriotic American’s first priority over the next 14 months.

Doug McClelland