Editor: In this past week’s paper, I came across an illustration that showed a mother and her child about to walk into a shop that refused service to “anti-vaxxers”. This type of illustration has been made many times in history, one example being Nazi Germany during the attempted genocide of the Jewish people. The sad part of these segregated attempts is that each person felt that what they were doing was morally right and good. This distorted morality is fueled when the crowd begins to agree that a certain group of people don’t deserve freedom. Whether another person’s choice is agreed with or not, it is their freedom to choose, especially when there is a health risk involved. Before you dismiss this because of your pre-conceived notion on vaccine safety, please consider this: 

- US Congress has named vaccinations as “unavoidably unsafe”. Meaning, the potential risk of harm or death is unavoidable because every person’s body responds differently to medication.  

- The FDA decreed that no more than 5 micrograms of aluminum per kg (2.2 pounds) should be injected per day.  An 8 pound newborn should get no more than 20 micrograms of aluminum injected per day, yet the Hepatitis B vaccine has over 250 micrograms of aluminum that is routinely injected at birth. 

- In 1986, Congress passed a law that vaccine manufacturers are no longer liable for any injury or death they may cause.  The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has since paid out $4 billion to victims of vaccine injury.  

- Vaccines have never been tested for carcinogenic, mutagenic or fertility impairment properties as stated in each vaccine insert.  

- Senior Scientist at the CDC, Dr. William E. Thompson, came forward with documentation that incriminates the CDC for destroying results that linked an increase in the MMR vaccine to Autism in African American boys aged 18-36 months.  This fact has been affirmed via an affidavit given by Dr. Thompson to Rep. Bill Posey in September 2014.

The main goal that we can all collectively agree on is keeping our children safe. So instead of pointing the finger at those who choose not to risk bodily harm via vaccines, let’s point the finger at the vaccine manufacturers who must be held to the highest standard in providing clean vaccine ingredients that will truly be “safe and effective” for every child. Where there is risk, there must be choice.

Hannah Swedlund

Discovery Bay