There have been some amazing things happening in Brentwood recently.

One of my neighbors, Curtis Falwell, just had a pair of bald eagles crash land in one of the trees in his yard!

Another one of my neighbors, Enzo Baeta, young son of Daniel and Loren, recently hosted THE FIRST ANNUAL (insert booming echo voice here) pumpkin weigh-in at Golden Poppy Park.

Enzo grew his pumpkin in his own yard, by the way, and she was a beauty.

Yes, she. Her name is BooBoos, and she weighed in at a respectable 27 pumpkinny pounds.

The Baeta’s recently moved to Brentwood because of the strong agricultural community that we have available for Enzo to grow up in.

Oh yes, the Laday’s son Adam Scott Laday of troop #93 recently became one of Brentwood’s newest Eagle Scouts!

All of these wonderful people are my neighbors. And I met every one of them through my local newspaper.

I also heard that Brentwood On Ice is back downtown this year, and we just had our annual Christmas tree lighting again, and so many of my neighbors’ kids provided the entertainment.

We also had the sixth annual Great Menorah Lighting in City Park as well.

And of course, the holiday season wouldn’t be the same without joining Lill Pierce and the Brentwood Community Chest ( on Dec. 14 and 15 to help pack boxes and bags full of groceries and gifts for local families in need.

I have to confess that none of my neighbors in this article actually live on my street or maybe even on the side of town that I live on.

But I feel amazed, proud and thankful that they live in Brentwood.

This is why I so greatly appreciate the Brentwood Press. It is the common thread that helps to turn the entire City of Brentwood into our neighborhood. Our families become a part of each other as we read of the accomplishments, sorrows and happenings that we all experience together, as we sit in our homes and read our papers.

As a community, the loss of the local paper would leave a profound and gaping hole in the fabric of our lives. It’s one of the hundreds of things that I’m so thankful for in Brentwood.

What other resource can so magically turn a city into a neighborhood – a great big diverse, colorful, wonderful neighborhood?

I’m so thankful that my family has your families as our neighbors. Happy holidays, I’ll see you in the Brentwood Press!

Joel Bryant