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Jim Graydon, broker and owner of All Phase Brokers, brings a unique combination of experience, expertise and commitment to all of his East County clients. 

At the start of the new year, many people set goals for buying a home in 2018. Whether you have perfect or less-than-perfect credit, are a first-time homebuyer or already own one or multiple properties and are looking to expand your real-estate investments, All Phase Brokers, East County real-estate experts, can help turn your dream into a reality. The brokerage firm, which has served the community for nearly 30 years, is anything other than what you’d expect. 

Their team’s unique experience and skill sets differentiate them from their peers as they strive to help clients achieve their goals and avoid any hurdles along the way and are also known to process loans at close to lightening speed.

“We create a completely different experience than what people are used to,” said Jim Graydon, broker and owner of All Phase Brokers, who has been in real estate for over 20 years.

From 1998 to 2000, Graydon worked at two San Ramon-based mortgage companies. It was there he recognized how difficult it was to properly serve clients when the processor was overloaded with 25 other loan agents that were originating five to 10 transactions per month, which means one processor could potentially be working on over 100 loan transactions! Going to a large bank poses the same problem. A clerk takes the loan application, then it gets sent electronically to a processing center out of state; much of the time the loan is sent to several teams before it is even seen by an underwriter. That could be a week or two and by that time they find out there is a missing document or missing step to the process that further delays the transaction.  

In May of 2000, Graydon joined forces with his father under his brokerage to expand the company in adding mortgage lending. They put together teams to complete tasks that worked well and in a few years had over 35 agents. Graydon discovered that it was preferable to build a team with fewer agents so that his clients could receive better service. 

His solution was to create a small brokerage firm with an expert staff, allowing them to service their clients in extraordinary ways.

“We’re a small team that handles every type of real-estate transaction and every type of loan,” said Graydon. “Since we are a small team, we serve fewer clients, which allows us to get loans done incredibly fast and use our experience and insight to identify pitfalls before they happen and prepare our clients for any situation.”

According to Graydon, his clients can call him 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 “I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure a loan closes on time,” said Graydon. “I’m not just an agent, I’m also a broker and owner, and there’s a huge advantage to working with someone with so much experience. I’ve overseen thousands of real-estate and loan transactions and have seen everything that can go wrong. I know what to look out for, what not to do and how to prepare my clients.”

 “We can close a purchase loan in 14 days and have done a refinance from start to finish in five days,” said Graydon. “I don’t know anyone who does what we do.”

Graydon’s team includes Mark Evans, operations manager, who is involved in all phases of the operation and Elaine Locke, loan processor, who has been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years and only services loans for All Phase Brokers. Jim’s Dad a 41-year-old veteran in the real-estate field continues working with All Phase in a consulting and supporting role.

For people who are looking to buy a home, Graydon has advice and insight into the market.

“The current housing market has low inventory and property values have been rising, which means if you’re selling a home, you can expect to make a higher net profit and expect your home to sell quickly,” said Graydon. “If it’s priced right you can be under contract in seven to 14 days.”

Buying a home in a competitive market can be a little trickier. 

“If you’re buying a home, you should start by looking at your finances and find out what you qualify for and what you can truly afford,” said Graydon.

For those struggling with credit issues, Graydon offers assistance with getting back on track, regardless of whether it takes a few months or a year. Those who have already worked with Graydon’s team have appreciated the ease and speed of the experience.

“His team is fantastic, and I’d have him handle any and all of my real-estate transactions for the rest of my life,” said Jay Oxendine, who used All Phase Brokers to handle the sale of his father’s home in Brentwood. “All Phase Brokers were highly recommended from a friend in the business, and they stepped up and performed at the highest level.”

All Phase Brokers is located in Brentwood. For more information, visit or call 925-584-9886. Bre#1236065/NMLS#995241

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