Photo by Tony Kuklich

For women, Crème dela Gem Jewelry makes one-of-a-kind jewelry with unique gemstones and offers something for every budget this holiday season.  

Finding the perfect holiday gift for those you love can be a daunting task.

If you’re looking for something that has sentimental value and can last a lifetime, jewelry is a great option. According to local jewelry experts, you don’t have to break the bank when purchasing bling for the holidays.

“You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find something beautiful,” said Dorothy Pickard, owner of D & D Jewelers, in Antioch. “When you take the time to pick out something you think your wife, husband or family member will love, it becomes a gift they will always treasure.”

Brentwood’s Crème dela Gem Jewelry owner, Donna Ross, agrees. 

“Jewelry makes a perfect gift for Christmas, because it’s personal and intimate,” said Ross. “Jewelry always makes people smile and creates a memory.”

Both Pickard and Ross have holiday bling options for every budget.

For women, Crème dela Gem Jewelry makes one-of-a-kind jewelry with rare gemstones.  

“Whether it’s a birthstone piece or a favorite color, our gemstones bring out passion and excitement,” said Ross.

According to Ross, a 16-carat morganite and diamond pendant is offered for under $1,000. Blue sapphires, rubies and emeralds can be purchased for under $500. For those looking to splurge, Ross recommends Crème dela Gem’s 2.7-carat, fancy yellow diamond ring.

D & D Jewelers in Antioch recommends necklaces and bracelets for women.

“Necklaces are so meaningful, because you wear them everyday close to your heart,” said Pickard.

Pickard offers a unique and stunning selection of necklaces with birthstones, ranging anywhere from $100 up to thousands of dollars.

Another unique women’s gift is a bracelet with an engraved message.  

“Our bracelets have been very popular this year,” said Pickard. “Those wanting to save money can choose silver, and those with bigger budgets can go with white gold.”

Women aren’t the only ones with jewelry on their holiday wish lists. 

“Titanium jewelry is a big hit with men of all ages,” said Ross. “We have stylish bracelets under $100 and modern wedding bands under $200.”

D & D Jewelry also carries bracelets for men, including stainless steel bracelets, from $50 to $300, some of which are decorated with diamonds and gemstones. Pickard also carries a selection of money clips and men’s rings. 

Regardless of what you choose, there are options for every budget when it comes to holiday bling.

Crème dela Gem Jewelry is located at 626 First St., in Brentwood, and now offers financing. For more information, call 925-516-6200 or visit

D & D Jewelry is located at 1806 Verne Roberts Circle, in Antioch. For more information, call 925-706-8842.