For the past 10 years, the Brentwood Surgery Center has provided a wide range of medical procedures. 

The center allows patients to avoid an overnight hospital stay by spending just a few hours at the center before leaving to complete their recovery at home. The 1,600-square-foot facility, which has multiple operating suites, is the only one of its kind in the Brentwood area.

“These are outpatient and elective surgeries, not emergency procedures,” explains Alexandra Luckhardt, the center’s administrator. “All of our procedures are focused on improving patients’ quality of life. Our patient care extends from pediatrics to geriatrics, all with the benefit of receiving our services locally, just a short distance from their homes.”

Luckhardt and her team of 26 serve patients each weekday in a hospital setting, with all the advanced equipment of a major hospital. Forty doctors are affiliated with the center, and they are assisted by an experienced staff, including nurses and other technicians. Medical services range from orthopedic procedures, such as ankle, knee and shoulder repair to pain management and kidney stone removal. The facility staff and doctors also administer elective surgeries, including plastic and other reconstructive procedures, remediation of sports injuries, tonsillectomies and biopsies. They also install hardware implants, set broken bones and perform gynecological procedures and vasectomies. 

“We have specialists who treat all areas of the body,” said Luckhardt. “Patients like that they can stay local for their procedures and our staff gives care and love to all the patients. We treat them like family and offer superb, quality treatments.” 

After surgery, patients are monitored in the recovery room. Nurses brief them on post-surgical topics, including any medications they’ll need to take as they heal at home. Annual patient surveys echo patients’ appreciation of the center and its staff. Last year, the survey showed a 97 percent overall patient-satisfaction score. Similarly, the physicians also gave the center a 97 percent satisfaction rating for the same period.

The team of medical professionals - surgeons, nurses and other staff  - interact with patients in a variety of ways. Debbie W., an infection-control nurse who has been with the center for five years, makes sure patients know what to expect.

“I explain the procedures before the operation, help the patients relax and make sure all our procedures support the safe operation of the center,” she said.

In addition to providing surgical services, the nurses and other assistants work to ensure patients feel comfortable and at ease. 

“Patient care is our top quality,” said Claudette C., an operating room nurse. “We’re calm and friendly and a very cohesive team. The patients are very appreciative.” 

Some days there may be as many as 35 patients on the schedule, explained Megan C., a nurse who serves patients before their operation, as well as during their recovery.

“I feel we are like a well-oiled machine, because patient satisfaction is so high,” she said. “And patients often comment about the ease of being able to have their procedures done locally.”

Brentwood Surgery Center is located at 2400 Balfour Road, #320, in Brentwood, and is open from 6 a.m. to about 5 p.m., on weekdays. For more information, call 925-626-9000 or visit