Fifteen years ago, when payroll services were all about cutting checks and making tax deposits, California Payroll settled into the Brentwood East Bay community, where it could be regionally located and develop lasting partnerships and relationships with clients.

Back then, the start-up company, founded by Henry Lonsdale, vice president of sales, and Debbie Mendivil, vice president of operations, was in the midst of an industry trend in which their competitors were moving out of state or overseas to save money.

“We wanted to stay regionally located so we could maintain a relationship with our clients within a community that offers a great quality of life for our staff,” said Mendivil.

The founders chose Brentwood as their operational office, so their employees could enjoy a healthy work-life balance, without spending hours each day commuting. This resulted in very low turnover and employees who became experts in the industry and in serving the needs of their clients.

The combination of planting roots in the region they serve and creating a work environment enabling their employees to thrive led the company to expand both their services and their stretch nationwide. They became a leader in the payroll and workforce-management industry. 

As they celebrate their 15th anniversary, they have clients with offices in 46 states, ranging from small businesses to corporations with thousands of employees, and they have continued to be guided by integrity, trust, honesty and responsiveness.

“We’re different than we were 15 years ago,” said Lonsdale. “We may have started with payroll and taxes, but we have moved to human capital management, providing payroll, timekeeping, attendance and human-resource software and services that are integrated into one platform that meets the needs of our clients.”

Technology has been paramount to their growth. California Payroll’s integrated platforms have allowed employers and employees to access personal information online, request or approve time off, track their used sick and vacations days, manage schedules and view financial data, reporting and more – all accessible from an integrated user-friendly platform via mobile technology.  

This is not only convenient, but also necessary. Over the past 15 years, the needs of businesses have changed, as they face a constant stream of changing legislation with strict enforcements. It has become difficult and costly to stay on top of the requirements.

As a result, more businesses are relying on California Payroll’s expertise to provide tools and technology to manage their internal processes, which not only gives them a peace of mind that the job will be done correctly, but also frees up their time and valuable resources. 

Businesses can choose which services fit their needs, allowing California Payroll to create personalized solutions that meet their clients’ unique demands.

“For the past 10 years, we have benefited from having a dedicated account (representative), personalized customer service and a user-friendly system,” said Jessica Coffey, director of human resources for FirstSteps for Kids Inc. “Our account (representative) is always quick to respond and knows the system inside and out. She is always available when I need her, which is why we love California Payroll.”

For California Payroll, the relationship with their clients is everything.

“We build a rapport with our clients and have a strong team of players who are experts in the industry and build partnerships with our clients to better serve them,” said Lonsdale.

The staff at California Payroll is proud to have reached the 15-year mile marker. Their path will be guided by technology and changes in legislation that continue to challenge and shape the culture of business.

For more information, visit or call 800-713-7007.