Gursky Ranch Country Store

Gursky Ranch Country Store is Brentwood’s neighborhood gourmet – the perfect place to find gourmet food items and beautiful gift baskets for the holidays. Photo courtesy of Lynn Gursky.

As the owner of the Gursky Ranch Country Store, Brentwood’s neighborhood gourmet, Lynn Gursky has assembled countless gourmet gift baskets over the past 30 years.

From the store’s huge assortment of dried fruits, nuts, candies, specialty soups, oils, sauces and more than 390 gourmet items, the Gursky Ranch Country Store has something to delight the chef, foodie or anyone looking for a taste of Brentwood and the county’s most delicious, locally grown treats.

“Our specialty is making gift baskets,” said Gursky. “Our baskets are unique, hand-packed and can be made using anything in the store.”

Choosing the most delicious and unique morsels are important to the Gurskys, who have been part of the agricultural heritage in Brentwood for four generations.

Before Roy and Lynn Gursky moved to Brentwood in 1975, Roy’s grandfather and his father ran a dairy on Empire Mine Road in Antioch and farmed land on Orwood Island in the Delta. When Roy and his brother Barry graduated from agricultural management programs, they brought their wives to the ranch, which became a feed lot.

When the cattle market declined, they lost the ranch and pursued other careers. Roy became a realtor and broker while Barry  worked as a teacher.

Roy and Barry couldn’t stay away from their farming lifestyle and eventually moved their family to a walnut ranch on Apricot Way in Brentwood.

“My husband wanted to get back to his agricultural roots,” said Gursky. “We had 12 acres of walnuts and the country store started with us marketing walnuts from our garage.”

Over the years, the business grew alongside the community, and the Gurskys added more and more products to their store. Whenever possible, they carry local products, supporting other local businesses and the bounty of the county’s harvest. They have also created a loyal customer base.

“I shop there weekly,” said Brentwood resident Jan Schults. “Their products are local and so good, and their gift baskets are gorgeous. I pick out baskets for my friends and family, and they make them look beautiful and even ship them for me.”

According to Gursky, who runs the business with her son Steve and his wife Sarah, customers mean everything to them.

“It’s our loyal fan base that keeps us going,” said Gursky. “We have such wonderful customers.”

The Gursky Ranch Country Store, located at 1921 Apricot Way in Brentwood, is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit or call 925-634-4913.