Beth Miller-Bornemann of Reverse Mortgage Group

Beth Miller-Bornemann, branch manager of the Reverse Mortgage Group, with client Art Smith, is seeing many of her senior customers coming to discuss the benefits of a reverse mortgage.

When Brentwood resident Sandie Schneider’s husband passed away, she found herself in a difficult situation.

Having spent a great deal of money on medical expenses for her husband, the 75-year-old widow felt financially vulnerable and even worried about having to move out of her home.

“I was so worried I wouldn’t be financially comfortable and would have to move,” said Schneider.

Luckily for Schneider, she turned to the financial expertise of Beth Miller-Rowe, branch manager with The Reverse Mortgage Group. 

Schneider was able to get a reverse mortgage, which put more money into her pocket.

“By doing a reverse mortgage I didn’t have to make changes in my life,” said Schneider. “It took the pressure off of me and left me independent, which was my goal.”

According to Miller-Rowe, for many seniors, social security isn’t enough to get by on. Reverse mortgages allow them to access the biggest asset most people have – their home’s equity. 

“A reverse mortgage allows seniors to access some of the equity in their home,” said Miller-Rowe. “By doing so, they often enjoy new financial freedoms such as travel, new hobbies or being able to help their kids or grandkids.”

Some use reverse mortgages to give their kids a living legacy. 

“They want to see their kids or grandkids enjoy their inheritance while they are still alive to enjoy it with them,” said Miller-Rowe.

For many, reverse mortgages are a safety net by either eliminating a current mortgage and thereby increasing monthly cash flow or by creating a line of credit for emergencies. 

“It gives them a sense of security that may not have been possible before their reverse mortgage,” said Miller-Rowe. 

Reverse mortgages can be used in many ways depending on one’s specific needs. 

“We may pay off a current mortgage, thereby increasing cash flow, or we may set up a monthly income stream to supplement current income,” said Miller-Rowe. “Another option is to set up a reverse mortgage line of credit that may be used to replace the roof, the car or to pay property taxes and insurance.”

One great feature of a reverse mortgage line of credit is that it can never be frozen, reduced or closed by the bank. The amount available may also grow over time.

There is also a reverse mortgage for purchase program, which may allow a senior to downsize into something that is more financially comfortable. 

“Depending on the overall situation, there may even be cash left over to allow a safety net once they are in their new home,” said Miller-Rowe.

With over 36 years of experience in the mortgage industry and by only dealing with reverse mortgages, Miller-Rowe can help her clients regardless of the need.

“Beth stepped in during a very difficult time in my life and went above and beyond to make sure I understood the process,” said Schneider. 

The Reverse Mortgage Group is located at 3478 Buskirk Ave., Suite 1000, in Pleasant Hill. For more information, call 925-969-0380 or visit