Outdoor living

Brentwood Outdoor Living offers a variety of options for all your outdoor needs.

If you’re getting closer to retirement, chances are your kids have flown the nest and you finally have some extra time and money to spend on yourself.

Americans are spending billions of dollars on outdoor-living spaces, and the over 50 crowd are among those buying hot tubs, barbecues, patio furniture and other outdoor accessories to create a living space they will enjoy in their free time. 

Brentwood Outdoor Living is East County’s one-stop outdoor shop for creating the outdoor-living space of your dreams. The outdoor-living specialists offer premium products with discounted pricing, including a wide variety of outdoor kitchens, premium spas, patio furniture, fire tables and other accessories.

“Outdoor spaces become a gathering and socializing location for neighbors, and outdoor kitchens become the local magnet,” said Kevin King, Brentwood Outdoor Living operator and general manager. 

According to King, those nearing retirement or who have already retired feel that after working most of their lives and taking care of others, it’s time for them to take care of themselves. 

“There is largely a feeling of ‘We’ve earned this,’” said King.

Another aspect that makes outdoor-living spaces popular amongst seniors deals with the need for additional space. When retirees move into smaller homes, creating an outdoor living space is often at the top of their list.

“The interior space is often smaller than the last house, so the ability to maximize the available space, including the patio, is almost necessary,” said King.

King noted that the quality of outdoor furniture has substantially improved along with the demand.

“The product quality improvements have been substantial, and that is leading to people wanting to spend more time in the backyard environment,” said King. “Spas and hot tubs are becoming the family dining room table or gathering place.”

When it comes to quality of products, Brentwood Outdoor Living offers top-of-the-line selections. They feature a variety of outdoor kitchens including Twin Eagles, Delta Heat, Green Egg, Blaze Grills and Louisiana Grills. They also specialize in outdoor kitchens and offer free, custom island design in finishes matching different design styles and budgets. 

“We are platinum-level Big Green Egg dealers, which means we offer the entire product line, and we know what we’re selling,” said King. “We offer the two leading hot tubs in the industry, Hot Spring and Jacuzzi, and we know our products’ pluses and minuses.”

Another perk to Brentwood Outdoor Living is they service the products they sell and deliver exceptional customer service.

“We are here for the long term,” said King. “We prefer to build relationships versus just selling products.”

King said this is an important aspect, because building up to the ideal backyard environment is a process, and his team works to make it painless. 

“Our outdoor living space is so important to us,” said Brentwood resident Alison Overzet. “Brentwood Outdoor Living has a huge selection of patio furniture and hot tubs and could not have been more helpful with helping us choose our new hot tub.” 

Brentwood Outdoor Living is located at 6061-G Lone Tree Way, in Brentwood. For more information, visit www.brentwoodoutdoorliving.com or call 925-626-6383.