Window covering

Window coverings are an important part of a well-appointed home. Whether you are looking to spruce up a room prior to selling or simply adding your own style to your new home, Contra Costa Blinds (CCB) can help.

Matt Baker, owner at CCB, has some advice for those looking to stage a home for sale. He said the appearance of window coverings should be clean and minimal because, as most Realtors will tell you, it’s important to let all possible light into each space in a home.

Here are Baker’s suggestions for prepping your windows for prospective buyers:

Consider removing draperies, fabric-covered cornices or side panels. These all tend to be heavy and bulky and can make any room appear smaller.

Clean and service any shutters. Make sure that louver pins, connectors, tilt bar staples and hardware are in place, secure and fully operable.

Clean and service any horizontal blinds, roller shades or cellular shades. Make sure all cords are knot-free and that the product is fully functional.

Service any motorized shades. Make sure that the batteries are changed, remote controls are available and that the product is fully operable.

Clean and service any vertical products. Make sure that they fully traverse open and can rotate, which will allow them to be stacked and less conspicuous.

“If the window treatment can’t be cleaned or opened to reveal the full window or door glass, you would probably be best served by removing it completely,” Baker suggests. “Buyers won’t generally pay much attention to something that’s not there, but will pay great attention to something that either doesn’t work or has a stain that won’t come out, a fabric tear or is missing parts.”

Baker has also worked with many customers who want to install fresh window coverings upon moving into their new homes. Whether you are starting with a blank canvas, or exchanging old for new, CCB will have something perfect for you.

Bruce Bohnsack of Discovery Bay used CCB’s services from afar when they purchased their home in town.

“We had just bought a house here and were living in Virginia at the time,” said Bohnsack. “We contacted (CCB) and they were responsive and came out and did the job. The house had been a model home and there were few blinds in it, but basically they suggested different fabric and densities of fabrics on the blinds. And we are very happy with their recommendations.”

Bohnsack is one of many satisfied customers in East County. Rob Brooker of Rob Brooker Painting has used CCB and recommends them to his clients.

“Matt from Contra Costa Blinds is the best,” Brooker said. “I have used them a dozen times for different projects and will not call on anyone else. I have recommended him to several local customers after painting and they all have been happy.”

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