Go solar with Del Sol Energy

Photo by Tony Kukulich

Samantha Aldrich and Lori Ogorchock of Del Sol Energy, in front of their new showroom at 225 Oak St. in downtown Brentwood.

Going green is no longer a trend. From recycling, to conserving water and purchasing energy-efficient appliances, going green has become part of our everyday lives.

More homeowners are turning to solar power to make an even greater impact on the environment, and to save money.

Brentwood’s Del Sol Energy has been helping East County residents harness the power of the sun since 2006. With over 30 years of combined experience in the solar industry, Del Sol’s business partners, CEO Josh Aldrich — a graduate of Antioch High School — and COO Matt Turville have been leaders in East County’s solar industry.

“The biggest benefits to going solar are eliminating your electric bill, protecting yourself from the rising cost of energy inflation, supporting clean energy and the environment and improving the value of your home or business,” said Turville.

Solar energy creates clean, renewable energy from the sun instead of from fossil fuels, which can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide. Greenhouse gases cause the increased temperatures that lead to climate change.

The positive environmental impacts, combined with dramatically reducing electricity costs, drive many businesses and homeowners to switch to solar.

“We wanted to save money on our electricity bill, but we also wanted to go green,” said Brentwood resident Nancy Mai.

Mai called local and international solar companies, but chose Del Sol because she wanted someone local and liked their educational approach to solar power.

“Instead of trying to sell us, they were more focused about educating us about solar power,” said Mai. “They came to look at our property, answered all of our questions and were so great to work with.”

Education is a huge component to the Del Sol Energy team, who recently moved their solar-powered showroom to downtown Brentwood, where they invite the community to experience Del Sol Energy firsthand, and to learn the intricacies of solar.

“The showroom has been fully remodeled with the latest, cutting-edge solar equipment for our customers to come in and check out,” said Turville.

Turville also has some advice for those looking to go solar.

“The best advice I would give someone who is considering going solar is to ask your solar contractor if they are designing their systems to support battery storage at any time in the future,” said Turville. “With the onset of planned outages by PG&E, home and business owners need to be prepared.”

Every solar system Del Sol Energy installs has components included that can either support a battery storage system now, or in the future, to be prepared for outages.

“This gives our customers peace of mind that they will have power when they need it,” said Turville.

Del Sol Energy is located at 225 Oak St., in Brentwood. For more information, call 925-378-4801, or visit delsolnrg.com.