Market trends looking good for summer, fall

Photo by Tony Kukulich

In today’s housing market, there are plenty of reasons for homebuyers to consider East County, including affordability, quality of life and local amenities.

Both homebuyers and sellers have much to look forward to this summer and fall, with an East County housing market that’s as hot as the weather. Low interest rates, high employment numbers and steadily improving wages are strong incentives for making a move.

“With our ever-expanding new homes and our vast assortment of resale homes, summer has shown to be very good so far, and I have every expectation to see the same in the fall,” said Susan Redgrave, luxury real estate agent with Dudum Real Estate Group. “However, because of the modified year-round school schedule, we tend to see a slowing of our market towards the end of July.”

According to Chris Sasville, owner of Sasville Properties, the housing market this fall will be pretty busy in East County, with more homes for sale.

“The fall market looks good, but there will be a lot of inventory,” said Sasville. “The high rates of inventory are causing things to sit a little longer, but the upper market of $1,000,000 and above seems to be moving.”

Cathie Marples, broker and an owner of Marples & Associates, says now is a great time to search for a home in East County.

“We are in the midst of a buyer’s market,” said Marples. “Inventory increase creates a downward sales point. Supply has increased dramatically and interest rates are at an all-time historic low.”

Sasville concurs, noting that loan rates are trending downward, creating strong opportunities for buyers.

“It’s a great time for first-time buyers and families looking to downsize or expand, because rates are great and inventory is up,” said Sasville.

Redgrave says if buyers are looking for affordable housing options, there are compelling reasons to consider East County.

“If you were to compare a home in Pleasanton or San Jose to a home in Brentwood of the same age, square footage, number of bedrooms and amenities, you would see the prices in Brentwood are almost half as much, if not less than half,” said Redgrave.

Marples says East County offers many points of interest for prospective buyers.

“East County has many important points that fulfill buyer demand,” said Marples. “Open space, good schools, services and city amenities, affordable housing, transportation to work and a special, friendly, country atmosphere.”

Redgrave says current buyers are looking for a home that is spacious both inside and outside, a neighborhood with lots of activity, that is safe enough for children to have fun outside with their friends, and homes that are a reasonably short distance from businesses and restaurants.

“Clients with children love that in Brentwood you see children riding bikes around town or walking to The Streets of Brentwood,” said Redgrave. “Our schools are great and we have almost every type of shopping nearby that you could want. Brentwood also has several 50-plus communities that cater to a wide variety of interests.”

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