Planet Tan

Courtesy of Planet Tan website.

Red-light therapy, a technology developed by NASA, has become the latest trend in many tanning salons and health-care clinics, which are utilizing this light to repair damaged skin.

The therapy started out as an experiment for plant growth, which showed red light-emitting diodes were a viable light source for growing plants during space flights. Since wounds don’t heal well in zero-gravity situations, NASA applied the same technology for healing wounds. Again, the results were positive. 

By March 3, 2011, NASA reported the red-light technology successfully reduced 96 percent of tested cancer patient’s side effects from radiation and chemotherapy. Since then, doctors have been using red-light therapy to heal wounds; treat side effects from radiation, chemotherapy, chronic joint pain and other illnesses; and for cosmetic purposes.

Planet Tan, in Brentwood, offers this cutting-edge technology in addition to other therapies that improve your skin’s health, leaving it looking and feeling younger.

“Red-light therapy has so many great benefits, such as helping to reduce acne, reduce the appearance of cellulite, pain and much more,” said Shelley Wieland, who owns three Planet Tan salons with her husband, Steve. “Red-light therapy is also 100 percent safe and FDA approved.”

During a red-light therapy session, the body’s blood flow increases, which stimulates circulation and repairs elastin fibers that make skin firm. Collagen is stimulated and inflammation is decreased, which helps control the body’s natural healing capabilities. The result is repaired skin; reduced wrinkles and fine lines; reduced scarring; evened-out skin pigmentation; a reduction of bacteria that causes acne and age spots; a reduction of cellulite; and an improvement in skin tone and firmness. The best results are achieved over a four- to six-week period of three sessions per week.

“Planet Tan’s red-light therapy is amazing,” said Brentwood resident and professional body builder Lisa Romiti. “The way the texture of my skin feels and the tone is incredible. I even noticed a difference in my hair. I have also received so many compliments on my skin since I started using it.”

Besides using the therapy, Romiti also uses the salon’s hydration station to keep her skin looking radiantly healthy.

A hydration station combines sophisticated technology with natural techniques to blanket skin in vitamins and moisture. The process revives, rejuvenates, cleanses and balances skin, leaving it looking soft, supple and beautiful. 

“The hydration station leaves me feeling refreshed and phenomenal,” said Romiti.  

In addition to the hydration station and red-light therapy, Planet Tan offers the most up-to-date, high-pressure tanning beds, UV tanning beds, teeth whitening, mystic tan and air-brush tanning in all of their locations.

Brentwood’s Planet Tan is located at 2430 Sand Creek Road, Suite 2. The Wielands also own Planet Tan salons in Discovery Bay and Antioch (Deer Valley Road). For more information, visit or call 925-634-9000.