Rivertown Chiropractic

Proper chiropractic care helps relieve a number of stressors in the body and promotes balance and overall health

Chiropractic care isn’t just for back and neck pain. Its main focus is on the central nervous system, which controls the entire body. By removing interference that prevents your body from performing optimally, chiropractic care is able to help people reach their optimum health. Rivertown Chiropractic in Antioch helps patients’ bodies stay balanced, which leads to healing.

“We live our lives through our nervous system,” said Brandon Roberts, Rivertown Chiropractic’s founder. “Every thought we have, breath we take and the food we eat that is turned into the cells of our body, is controlled by our brain communicating with our body through the nervous system. We can have optimum health if this system is clear and balanced.”

Roberts, who has been a chiropractor for over 10 years, has a bachelor’s degree in pharmacology and worked in pharmacies before pursuing a career as a chiropractor.

“I got depressed by the state of healthcare and wanted a more natural way to help people have better health,” he said.

According to Roberts, stresses in the world, including physical, chemical and emotional, cause disease in the body and a shift into a sympathetic or fight-or-flight serviceable mode.

“Chiropractic care helps the body get back to a more balanced healing neurology by improving the function of the spine and nervous system,” said Roberts.

Roberts uses cutting-edge technology to identify the function and core health of the nervous system, including INSiGHT scanning.

INSiGHT technology scans the nervous system and detects hidden patterns of stress and tension, identifies internal changes in the body, establishes a baseline and identifies potential problem areas. It also measures muscle tone along the spine and pinpoints overactive and exhausted neuromuscular areas.

“After looking at the core health of a person’s nervous system, I develop a core plan and track the progress to make sure it’s working,” said Roberts.

According to Roberts, this type of chiropractic care has been extremely effective in pediatrics, which is his specialty. Roberts works with Special Haven, a non-profit corporation that provides a multi-sensory environment for the benefit and development of children and adults with special needs.

“Chiropractic care impacts children with special needs in such a positive way,” said Roberts. “It improves their connection with the world around them and I have even seen non-verbal kids start to communicate.”

Whether you are a child or an adult, the end goal for chiropractic care is the same. “We try to make the body as strong as we can, so you are less likely to get sick and have good health, long-term, throughout your life,” said Roberts.

Patients of Rivertown Chiropractic can feel the difference.

“I feel great and so revived,” said Antioch resident Alma Obegi-Waters. “You start feeling better and better and notice that your body is healing.”

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