Lenna Billeci of Socialyte Boutique in downtown Brentwood

Lenna Billeci, owner of Socialyte Boutique in Brentwood, offers great deals on trendy, high-quality fashions and accessories during the holidays and all year round. Photo by Heather Brewer.

As the holidays draw near and people check their lists, there is one business in downtown Brentwood keeping the shelves stocked with the top glam items for the fashionista in everyone’s lives. 

Opened at their current location in December 2014, Socialyte Boutique carries unique, high-quality clothing and accessories, which are all hand picked by owner Lenna Billeci.

“During the holidays, we will be running weekly promotions to ensure our customers get superior items at reasonable prices,” said Lenna. “We want to keep people interested in retail, and we feel our price points draw even the most fiscally conservative shopper.”

Over the last two years, the stylish boutique has grown under Lenna’s guidance, which has kept track with the increasing popularity of the downtown area.

“Thanks to the expansion of Brentwood’s downtown and to events like the farmers markets and festivals, the business has really developed, and we get a lot of return customers,” she said. “Being involved with organizations like the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Brentwood Coalition really helps us connect to our community. This is real destination shopping; we’re not a mall.”

Lenna puts her years of experience in the retail industry to work, making sure each customer’s experience in her store is perfect and helping them find exactly what they are looking for.

“Coming from a big box retailer to a family-run business changed my whole approach to retail,” she said. “When you own a small business, it requires 24/7 work to keep it running. When people think of this store, I want them to think of me, so I am always here and on my ‘A’ game.”

In addition to offering fabulous fashion, Socialyte is also home to Jessica’s Beauty Cave, which is run by Jessica Billeci.

“Jessica and I have done something unique, and we happened to be best friends as well,” said Lenna. “(That made it) fun for us to combine our businesses. Jessica grew up in Pittsburg and has been a stylist for 20 years, so nestled inside Socialyte, you will find a stunning Beauty Cave that loves to make you over. We have combined our beauty geniuses and do what we do best, style you from ‘head to toe.’”

So far, the pairing has been making waves in Brentwood, bringing in clients from the immediate area and surrounding cities.

“I started going to Jessica in February, and I must say, it wasn’t easy for me to switch beauticians, said Lisa B., a Clayton resident, in an online review. “Luckily for me, not only is she a coloring expert, but also an expert with extensions, up-to-date cuts, styles and trendy colors, and she also has mastered make-up. I highly recommend you give her a try; I’m so grateful to have found her. She’s located inside a clothing store, so it’s a nice bonus to shop for a new dress or new top to compliment your new do.”

For the holidays and beyond, Jessica and Lenna encourage anyone to stop by Socialyte Boutique for all the glitzy, trendy fashions they seek.

“If you are looking to give your wardrobe a facelift or just want to get spruced up for a party, Socialyte is your one-stop shop for fashion and beauty,” said Lenna.

Socialyte Boutique is located at 236 Oak St., in Brentwood. For more information, call 925-550-7365 or visit https://goo.gl/TjHav3.