Galaxy Kids Code Club

Photo courtesy of Lucretia McCovy Shaw

Galaxy Kids Code Club in Brentwood, has a year-round coding program as well as summer camps for kids aged 6- to 14-years-old.

If you think your kids are too young to learn how to code, think again. Kids as young as six years old are learning the foundations of coding and computer commands, which has been described as a new literacy needed in a technology-driven world.

Galaxy Kids Code Club in Brentwood has a year-round coding program, as well as summer camps for kids aged six to 14 years old. Founder Lucretia McCovy Shaw, who has a computer science engineering degree from Stanford University, started the program when she discovered there were no coding programs for kids in the area.

“I decided to start Galaxy Kids Code Club to serve our community by offering quality computer science education to our kids,” said Shaw.

According to Shaw, coding is not just for techies and kids who want to become programmers.

“Coding is about logic, problem solving and creativity,” she said. “It will benefit every child throughout their education, as they enter the job market and in everyday life.”

Featuring Galaxy Kids Code Club’s year-round coding program, young coders progress through different levels as they learn. Kids learn to code using Scratch, Python, HTML/CSS and JavaScript. The summer camp is a week long and kids will complete several projects, while those who sign up for multiple weeks of camp will complete new projects each week.

The theme of the summer camp varies from year to year. This year, the theme is invention-based learning. Kids use littleBits circuits, coding, and 3D printing design to prototype, build and invent.

The summer camp is hands-on and focused more on the logical thinking processes required to code, as opposed to any particular language.

“During summer camp, kids will have the opportunity to complete a number of design challenges and inventions, some of which they will take home with them at the end of the week,” said Shaw. “Example projects include a self-driving car, 3D-printed toys and art, a video game control and an electronic soccer game.”

Parents of kids attending appreciate that their children work on projects, play with their inventions, take breaks to play outside and make new friends.

“Summer camp is great because it extends kids’ education and gives us a chance to let our kids focus on a specific element, while they do it with special friends or meet new ones,” said Brentwood resident Susan Knight.

Between the year-round program and summer camps, Shaw would like to increase the number of girls and minorities who enter computer science and engineering fields.

“Organizations like Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, and have published statistics stating that early exposure (K-8th grade) to coding greatly increases the chance that kids will pursue a computer science degree,” said Shaw. “I also think it’s important to hire women and minority instructors as much as possible — people that young girls and minority students relate to — so they can better visualize themselves in these fields.”

At Galaxy Kids Code Club, 54 percent of instructors are women, 63 percent minority (black or Hispanic).

Galaxy Kids Code Club offers year-round coding classes for kids ages 6-14. They offer a free trial class for anyone who would like to learn more about their program. To sign up for a free trial, visit

To sign up for summer camp, visit

Galaxy Kids Code Club is located at 181 Sand Creek Road, Suite J2, in Brentwood. For more information, call 925-464-2766.