Krista Mashore

Photo by Tony Kukulich. Krista Mashore has had a successful real-estate career, based in part on her knack for marketing and her devotion to serving others. 

When you’re selling your house, you want a real estate agent who will go above and beyond the status quo to market, show, negotiate and close the sale of your home.

Krista Mashore, broker and owner of Homes By Krista, is not only is a leader in East County real estate, but has acquired national recognition, earning a spot among the top 1 percent of realtors nationwide and top .01 percent of realtors in Contra Costa County. She sold 144 homes in 2016, a figure ten times the average California agent.

The hallmarks of Mashore’s successful real-estate career have been led by her knack for marketing, a devotion to serving others, an outstanding work ethic and a longtime passion for education.  

“I’ve done things differently than other agents for a long time, marketing from the ground up and staying ahead of the curve,” said Mashore. “When other agents grew frustrated with the surge of technology, I embraced it, and continue to educate myself and thrive on giving my clients what most fail to. I run my business like a business, not a part-time hobby.”

Her passion for staying ahead of the curve began when Mashore entered the real-estate industry in 2001, after leaving her first career as a third-grade teacher. During the period of Northern California’s most explosive growth, she hit the ground running, applying groundbreaking techniques to real-estate marketing and development. Her hard work and boundless energy propelled her through the most difficult market in recent history and led to her selling 69 homes that first year. 

“I poured myself into my career and did as much education and research as I could in order to stand out,” said Mashore, who at the time already held both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. 

Years later, Mashore is still ahead of the curve, embracing whatever technological advances are available to market and sell her homes. Mashore places such great importance on marketing that her three full-time staff members include a digital marketer, a marketing specialist and a transaction coordinator. 

“I market my homes the same way they market multimillion dollar homes over the hills,” said Mashore, noting that every home gets the full package, whether priced at $400,000 or over $1 million. 

The full package includes Homes By Krista paying for basic staging and a digital-marketing platform that continues to be refined. From professional photography, videography and drone photography, Mashore’s team produces property-specific websites and four-page color brochures. 

“Our digital marketing gets the maximum exposure with SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and enhanced online placements,” said Mashore. “We also do target marketing, text-messaging marketing and create specific landing pages to attract buyers in a unique manner.”

All of these efforts help Mashore achieve her primary goal of happy clients, including Brentwood resident Cindy Ballard, who received multiple offers on their home the first week it was on the market.

“Krista and her staff went above and beyond what I expected when they helped us sell our home,” said Ballard. “It was the most seamless transaction I’ve ever made in my life.”

In addition to happy clients, Mashore is passionate about sharing her commitment to learning with tens of thousands of other agents.

“I’m in the process of developing a training program for real estate agents around the country,” she said, adding that she conducted a webinar for 44,000 agents on the topic of online marketing in 2016. 

Despite her busy schedule, the mother of two also devotes energy to giving back to the community, from supporting various school programs, to hosting special events that support local food banks and by donating to scholarship funds. 

“I want to keep helping people wherever I can,” said Mashore.

For more information, visit, email or call 925-325-4663.