Athlete of the Week: Andrea Dean

Name: Andrea Dean

School: Freedom High School

Year: Senior

Sport: Stunt

Coach: Sandra Torres


Andrea Dean is part of the stunt team at Freedom High School. Stunt is a new and growing sport, similar in athletic skill to cheerleading. A devoted cheerleader and tumbler since she was young, Andrea is proud to have been part of her school’s team since its inaugural year in 2017.

“We actually had a pretty successful year on that team,” she recalled.

Andrea is a flyer, which means she is one of the girls who gets tossed in the air during her team’s stunts. For her, trust in her teammates is both necessary and her favorite part of the sport.

“I really like the family aspect of the team,” she said. “Everyone has to be there for practice. If people are missing, you can’t really do much, so everyone always depends on each other, and I have the biggest trust with the people underneath me.”

When Andrea isn’t practicing for her next competition, she works hard to maintain her 4.7 GPA. She lives in Oakley with her family.

Future Plans:

Andrea will be attending Oklahoma State University this fall, where she hopes to continue her stunt career while earning a degree in childhood education. After college, she plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps as an elementary school teacher.

Coach’s Quote:

“Andrea has been an exceptional athlete all four years of high school,” said Torres. “She stands out for her outstanding technique as a flyer, her leadership qualities and her positive attitude. She has been a joy to coach, and I’m excited to see her advance to college cheer.”