Athlete of the Week: Joshua Wilson

Photo courtesy of Joshua Wilson

Name: Joshua Wilson

School: Freedom High School

Year: Senior

Sport: Rugby

Coach: Pete Roat

About: Joshua Wilson is a three-year veteran of Liberty Lions Rugby and said he has come to love the sport.

“I love the contact part of it, but there’s also a lot of skill involved,” Joshua said. “You need to know where the ball is, where the gaps are and how to play smart.”

To stay in shape for next year’s season, Joshua said he is running, lifting weights, and working out with friends and family. He added physical strength is not the only kind of strength needed on the playing field.

“You need to be mentally capable,” explained Joshua. “It’s not an easy game . . . It’s a big mental game.”

Future: Joshua is currently filling his time as an essential worker at Taco Bell, but intends to pursue a degree in nursing. He said he would like to play rugby in college and has received some interest from Sac State. Once he graduates, his goal is to work in an emergency room (ER).

“When I was younger, I had a lot of experiences in the ER and they’ve always been positive and it makes me want to give other people the comfort I was given,” he said.

Coach’s quote: “Our team captain now for two years, Josh has always been a leader I can count on when it comes to decision making on and off of the field,” said Roat. “He makes sure to work hard for his team and is always ready to pick up the team’s spirits.”