Athlete of the Week: Justin Largent

Photo by Dawnmarie Fehr

Name: Justin Largent

School: Liberty High School

Year: Senior, class of 2021

Sport: Rugby

Coach: Andrew Slaughter

About: Justin Largent played rugby for the first time last year and immediately discovered his passion for the sport. The 16-year-old Oakley resident found a sense of camaraderie in the Liberty Lions Rugby program that drew him back.

“My friend said he signed up for rugby, so I did, and I went to practice, and I just really liked the people there,” Justin said. “I just liked how friendly everyone was on the team, and that’s what made me stay.”

Though his rookie season was cut short by COVID-19, Justin said he hopes to play again this year. He said the closeness amongst the team, and even between rival teams off-field, is worth the physical beating rugby is known for.

During his time off, he is preparing for next season by running and working out in his garage. In his free time, Justin said he enjoys going to Carnegie with his family to ride his KTM 300.

Future: Justin said he enjoyed a fire science course he took at Liberty and was inspired to a career as a firefighter. He plans to enter the fire academy at Los Medanos College after graduation. He currently works at ACE Hardware.

Coach’s quote: “Justin's on-field work rate is impeccable. He's in every breakdown and always seems to find himself in the right place at the right time. With only one year into the sport, he has picked up the game of rugby like it’s second nature to him.”