Athlete of the Week: Matt Quesada

Photo by Dawnmarie Fehr

Name: Matt Quesada

School: Freedom High School

Year: Sophomore

Sport: Football

Coach: Paul Gates

About: Matt Quesada is a boy who loves sports.

The 16-year-old Freedom High School sophomore grew up in a home where sports were center stage. His dad, a former New York Giant, raised Matt on football, and he’s loved the sport ever since.

“My dad grew up playing football, and he (taught me), and I just started loving the sport,” Matt said.

At the age of 6, Matt began playing flag football, and in seventh grade he switched to tackle. When he arrived at Freedom, he was quickly pulled up to the varsity team. His dedication to the game has carried him through two seasons, and he hopes it will take him all the way to the NFL.

“Really, you just need the passion for (the game), and your speed and strength and love for the game,” he said. “I work on skills and speed work and speed training.”

The Oakley native spends most of his time playing football and baseball or training to play. He also assists his uncle with community outreach through their church, Fellowship.

Future: As a sophomore, Matt hasn’t yet received any offers from schools. He hopes to play football in college, and later for the NFL.

Coach’s quote: “Matt Quesada received ‘wide receiver’ of the year,” said Freedom’s football coach, Paul Gates. “Matt is going to be a premiere wide receiver for Freedom High School varsity football for the next two years ... he dominated every time he stepped on the field ... he’s a complete game changer.”