Athlete of the Week: Ryan Jackson

Photo by Dawnmarie Fehr

Name: Ryan Jackson

School: Heritage High School

Year: Senior

Sport: Baseball

Coach: Kevin Brannan

About: Brentwood resident Ryan Jackson has been playing baseball his whole life. His parents started him with tee ball at the age of 4, then moved him to a travel ball team when he was 8. Jackson has loved every minute of it.

“I love all the different people I get to meet,” Jackson said. “I love the competition and all that ... I’ve met a lot of good people through baseball, people who have inspired me to get better.”

Jackson has worked hard to get where he is, a noted shortstop and pitcher. In addition to practice, he spends four to five days a week strength training in the weight room and two days a week conditioning. He said the desire to play well is as important to a good player as his skill.

“It takes heart to be great,” Jackson said. “Skill is there, but heart will push you through everything, your hard work and dedication takes you through everything.”

Future: Jackson has already signed to play with the University of Nevada in Reno. He said he is still considering his options for a degree and may arrive undeclared. A degree would be a backup plan, though — Jackson intends to play Major League Baseball.

“The goal is to play professionally,” Jackson said. “But I might start some sort of business.”

Coach’s Quote: “Ryan is a very gifted player. What makes him so good is his work ethic. He’s never satisfied and continues to outwork anyone around him, which makes his teammates better.”