Seiya Duran

Photo by Dawnmarie Fehr

Name: Seiya Duran

School: Heritage High School

Sport: Tennis

Year: Senior

Coach: Ed Dong


Seiya Duran is one of the stars of the Heritage High School boys’ tennis team, but he’s only been handling a racket since he was 12. Now at the age of 19, with his high school career behind him, he is focusing on drills to keep his game sharp for the future. 

“I like playing,” Duran said. “I love competing and playing. It’s fun. It’s an individual sport, so whatever work you put into it, you get out of it.”

He said he still takes private lessons and spends hours each week training alone. He always welcomes someone to hit with, though. He uses running, sprints, agility and core work to stay in shape. 

“I think discipline makes a great tennis player,” he noted. “Since it’s an individual sport; you’re by yourself and have to push yourself to get better every day.”

Future Plans:

Duran is not currently signed but is talking to several universities, including Sacramento State. 

“Sac State has a lot of diversity on their team and a high level of playing,” he said. “It would be good for me to go there and compete and improve for four years.”

Duran added he hopes to major in biology and work in the medical field.

Coach’s Quote: 

“Seiya Duran has developed and refined his style to how tennis professionals have played. He methodically maneuvers opponents to open up the court to win the point.”