Jett Charvet

Heritage High School’s Jett Charvet will head to UCLA, leaving behind a legacy of excellence as a Patriot.

As a junior in 2017, Heritage’s Jett Charvet solidified his status as one of the best middle- distance runners in California when he won the state championship at 800 meters.

As a senior, he nearly repeated, finishing runner-up in 2018.

Naturally, that left Charvet with options heading to college. With his days with the Patriots completed, the first state champion in Heritage history will continue his academic and track and field careers in Westwood at UCLA.

“The overall school just felt right to me,” Charvet said. “I liked everything about it. It’s a really good school, academically. It’s a really good school, athletically. They have a really good mindset when it comes to pursuing both.”

In the classroom, Charvet has yet to choose a major. He noted that whatever he chooses, one of his goals with the Bruins will be remaining focused in the classroom.

On the track, he knows he’s facing a challenge. Charvet certainly accomplished a great deal in high school. But going forward into college, he knows that what happened at Heritage won’t matter anymore.

“I’m really just restarting what I’ve done the last four years,” he said. “It’s a grind, obviously on a new level. I’m starting at the bottom again here. I’m going to have to work my way back up. It won’t be easy. It will be a lot harder this time.”

Charvet is also fairly loose with his goals heading to UCLA. He did note that making the NCAA’s and performing well against a grueling Pac-12 schedule will be important.

Naturally, college will feature a dramatic upgrade in competition for Charvet. Additionally, it will feature a slight change in the races he runs.

The 800 is the bread-and-butter race for Charvet. But with the Bruins, he’ll branch out. In addition to running the 800, he’ll also run the 1500-meter race as well as the 5K on occasion.

“I can’t neglect those going forward,” he said. “This season, I fell in love with the 800 a little bit. I enjoyed racing that as often as I could. I wouldn’t call the mile a weak link, but it’s not where my 800 is. Going forward, it’s going to be more work and building my strength. I think I’m up for the challenge.”