Impact Soccer Club

Photo courtesy of the Impact Soccer Club

The Impact Soccer Club’s 05 Black girls’ team recently won the Players North Spring Cup.

Impact’s 05 Black girls’ team capped off a strong Players North Spring Cup soccer tournament with a 1-0 victory over the Atwater Night Hawks to win the championship last month.

Playing up from a bronze bracket in a silver bracket, the 05 Black girls faced two silver teams in one day, winning 3-2 against the hosting Players North team in the morning.

Starting out slowly, the team gave up two first-half goals, but rallied in the second half to score three times while shutting down the aggressive Players North offense.

Later, they faced a strong Boise Thorns team.

As in the first game, the squad fell behind 1-0, only to strike out with two second-half goals for the win and first place in the bracket. The next morning pitted the team against the gold-level Atwater Night Hawks.

The girls fought well, but had no answer for the speedy play of the Atwater outside attack. Impact 05 Black fell 3-0 to Atwater but wound up second in the standings, putting them through to the finals and a rematch with Atwater. Coaches Joel Lopez and Kevin Peltz adjusted their strategy and moved their strongest defenders on the backline.

Atwater was unable to penetrate the defense of Macie Jarquin, Julia Bremhorst, Hailey Garvin and Kasey Williams as well as strong support off the bench. Any shots that managed that did get through were quickly swallowed up by goalie Cate ‘No Goal’ Toal.

Impact’s offense struggled with a formidable Atwater defense, and many shots just missed the mark wide or were corralled by Atwater’s goalie. With a few minutes remaining, Megan Dickinson took a pass from Katelyn Peltz, drove the ball up the middle and made a brilliant pass to winger Anecia Newhouse. Anecia fought off an attack by an Atwater defender and chipped the ball just out of reach of the Atwater goalie.

Cheers erupted as the ball dropped into the net, giving Impact 05 Black team a 1-0 lead and the eventual win.

The impact team is comprised of Aubrey Brambley, Julia Bremhorst, Megan Dickinson, Audrey Dunn, Elisia Frias, Michelle Garcia, Hailey Garvin, Macie Jarquin, Taya McComb, Victoria Mendoza, Anecia Newhouse, Jordan Ozuna, Katelyn Peltz, Cate Toal and Kasey Williams.