Heritage swim team

Photo courtesy of Alyana Santillana

Heritage High School's swim team recently completed a successful season.

Despite having their 2020 season cut short amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Heritage High School swimmers came back stronger than ever for this year’s Bay Valley Athletic League (BVAL) championships.

“It’s like 2020 never affected their ability to perform or have a positive outlook,” said coach Erica Slocum.

Despite their outstanding season, the return to the pool was not without its challenges.

“At first, it felt horrible. I was so slow and I felt like not swimming every set,” said varsity swimmer Eisha Pasamonte. “But like any sport, it takes time. After a while, it just felt good to swim in that pool every day.”

Pasamonte went on to take first place in the 200 individual medley, as well as the 200 medley relay with teammates Courtney Coplan, Maggie Wells and Christy Foster.

The meet featured an intense faceoff between Andrew Lopez and rival Liberty swimmer, Dylan Oquendo. Calling it “one of the greatest races [she’s] ever witnessed,” Slocum expressed awe after watching not one, but two swimmers break the 100 breaststroke record.

The North Coast Section cancelled its meet this season.

However, this did not take away from the plethora of memories this season.

“The most memorable thing from BVALS is witnessing all the athletes who received their best times or broke their own personal records,” Slocum said. “To see them smile again and persevere after everything they’ve gone through this past year is something I will always remember.”

– Courtesy of by Alyana Santillana, Heritage High School