The California Football Academy recently held its Championship Day for its fall 2019 season at Freedom High School.

The multi-team event began with a ceremony recognizing all the squads and scholar athletes, a total of 114 this season. The national anthem featured an electric guitar solo by Gavin Valencia, an 11-year-old sixth-grader from Brentwood’s Adams Middle School. He has been part of the California Football Academy for six years and studying guitar and bass guitar for four years.

The organization’s four division champions are:

7-8 Chicago Bears:

 In the front row, from left: Knox Lopez-Smith, Vincenzo Osborne, Austin Pioletti, Dominic Fant, Channing Moore, Anthony Hernandez, Tahj Stewart and Fredereick Edwards; back row: coach Brett Osborne, coach Tristeon Moore and coach Tito Hernandez.

9-10 SF Niners:

The team is comprised of Brooklynn Lyon, head coach John Lawrence, Lincoln Burgos, Jacob Lawrence, Ty Hulleman, assistant coach Mike Vigil, Cameron Cockman, assistant coach James Hunt, Julian Vigil, Anthony Ferreira, Jordan Page, assistant coach Rob Page, Evan Hunt, Taven Madsen, assistant coach Brian Cockman, Francisco Velasco and David Dube.

11-12 Buckeyes: In the front row, from left: Coach Mike Best, Ryan Perry, Jack (JT) Scheeper, Makoa Barros, Jonathan Alahuzos, Emilio Camarillo-Gusimat, Jo-Jo Perez , coach Matt Lorenz. Top row: Ethan Dufour, Jack Lorenz, Finn Keenan, Atticus Nunnally, Mikey Best and coach Dan Keenan. Jackson Barklow and Coach Josh Barklow are not pictured.

13+ Bengals: Alejandro Solis, Jackson Commins, Alex Grossetete , Cameron Campos, Phillip Babbitt, Ian Wetherbee, Jace Wetherbee, Devin Fernandez, Joseph Haley and Coach Andre Galvan. Cole Wetherbee is not pictured.

The organization’s next season begins in the spring. 

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